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Madden Grace

This precious baby girl is the daughter of my very special friend! I hope I can be as much of a blessing to her and her little girl as she has been to me and my little girl!

Fall Doll!

This family was a blast to work with!  Sophie was an absolute doll and so much fun!

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Look Who’s 2!

Love watching this little guy grow up and so honored to document and take his pictures.  What a fun little guy with a super fun mommy!

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A little girl and her pony!

This was such a fun session!  Avery and her pony, Hunter are the best of buds!


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Big brother, Bradley is pretty cute too!


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The Moore Family…could there be one MORE?!?!?

Love this family!  Martha Jane is a true treasure and her family is wonderful.  Chances are, if Martha Jane has ever known your birthday, she has never missed a chance to mail a card or send a birthday text.  She has 12 Grandchildren folks! …And they were all so well behaved.  Made my job easy!  I was only able to get a few of the kiddos by themselves…that Clay is something!!!   Here is a small sample of our evening.